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Mustang Solo Seat with Driver Backrest for FLHT & FLTR \'97-07 -Smooth

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Mustang  Solo Seat with Driver Backrest  for FLHT & FLTR \'97-07 -Smooth

-Studded Solo with Driver Backrest

Mustang\'s built-in backrest receptacle is welded to our rustproofed, 16 gauge steel baseplate. The deeply contoured 15" wide solo features a nose narrower than stock so that the rider can plant his feet on the ground without bending his knees and going bowlegged. The Wide Recessed passenger seat offers maximum comfort. Other options are an 8.5" wide rear seat or a fender bib.

Solo and Rear Seat Baseplates:
Solos and rear seats are built on 16 gauge formed steel baseplates. Solos have a single nose clip and two chrome mounting tabs that align with the fender inserts. Rear seats have two slots in the baseplate and a chrome tab for mounting.

*When replacing one-piece baseplate with a two-piece Mustang seat, you must purchase mounting hardware separately.

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