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Mustang Solo Seat for FX/FL Big Twin '65-84 -Wide Studded

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Mustang Solo Seat for FX/FL Big Twin  '65-84 -Wide Studded

-Wide Solo Seat -Studded
The same comfort and features of the Wide Studded and Wide Vintage seats are available as separate solos and rear seats. The Wide Solos may also be combined with the Standard or Thin rear seats. The Wide Rear seats will also match the 12" Wide Solos. Width- 16"

Baseplate Features:
Mustang FX and FL seats fit all Big Twin models from 1958-86 except FXR and FLT. The steel baseplates are formed to wrap down and over the frame and fender. All steel baseplates are black powder coated, carpeted and have rubber bumpers to prevent them from touching the frame or fender.

FX/FL Big Twins '65-84 Solos and Rear Seats:
Mix and match Mustang FX solo seats and rear seats. Solos mount directly to the frame without drilling any holes. Unique mounting system combines slotted chrome side brackets and special rubber expansion plugs with threaded inserts. Mustang rear seats have two chrome tabs that align with mounting holes in the back of the solo. Chrome rear tab matches stock fender hole.

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