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Mustang One-Piece Wide Super Touring Seat for FXR '82-94 & '99-00 -Vintage

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Mustang  One-Piece Wide Super Touring Seat  for FXR '82-94 & '99-00 -Vintage

-Super Touring Seat -One Piece
Super Touring seats are available in three styles. Each features a wide driver seat that is deeply pocketed and provides ample support. The passenger sits comfortably in a full bucket that is internally supported by a steel wing shaped like a small police solo.

Wide Vintage is a super touring seat with a no-frills, Vintage look. Features a braided edge skirt. No studs or conchos.

Front Width- 16"
Rear Width- 12"

One-Piece Baseplate Features:
Mustang one-piece FXR seats can be used on any model FXR. The formed steel baseplate has both a nose tongue as well as mounts for stock hinges and latches. A chrome rear tab secures to the fender with a stock screw. The advantage of the one-piece design is that the passenger seat on certain seat styles now extends forward to support the driver's lower back without interfering with hinging. Once the rear screw is removed, either the whole seat can be unlatched and hinged up or, if using just the nose mount, simply lifted off. Rubber bumpers help isolate vibration and carpeted base protects the fender.

Seat Nose Bracket
Steel bracket mounts to rear mounting holes on the gas tank of FXR models when converting from hinged two-piece seats to a one-piece seat.
See FXR Nose Bracket; Part #75080

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