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Memphis Shades Handlebar Mount Windshield -Demon Style for Hondas with 7/8-1" Bars

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Memphis Shades Handlebar Mount Windshield

No Need For Pricy Hardware— It Mounts Right To Your Handlebars
• The Demon windshield from Memphis Shades features a two-point handlebar mounting system complete with polished, billet aluminum handlebar clamps— This system allows you to mount this windshield directly to your 1" or 7/8" handlebars

• The windshield itself is made of ICI Lucite© for excellent clarity and weather-resistance and all the hardware is CNC-machined billet aluminum and polished stainless steel

• Designed to fit most round headlights (a fitment list from Memphis Shades is provided below)

• Available in gradient black, clear, and solar tint only (the approximate shades are pictured)

Windshield Measures: approx. 21" W x 18" H (from above the headlight)

This diagram is based on an average human size of 5'9

This windshield was recommended by Memphis Shades for the following bike models with 7/8"-1" Handlebars: 500 Shadow '85-86 600 Shadow VLX '88-06 600 Shadow DLX '94-07 750 Shadow Spirit '01-03, '05-07 750 Shadow ACE Deluxe '98-03 750 Shadow ACE '98-00 750 Shadow '83 750 Shadow Aero '04-07 750 Magna '94-02 800 Shadow '88 1100 Shadow Spirit 97-07 1100 Shadow Aero 98-02 1100 Shadow ACE 94-00 1100 Shadow 89-96 1100 Shadow Sabre '00-07 1300 VTX '04-07 1500 Valkyrie 97-02 1800 VTX 02-07