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Kuryakyn Longhorn Offset Highway Pegs with Dually Pegs & Clamps fits 1-1.5-inch Bars [4574, 4575, 7980]


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Kuryakyn Longhorn Offset Highway Pegs with Dually Pegs & Clamps fits 1-1.5-inch Bars  [4574, 4575, 7980]

Kuryakyn Longhorn Offset Highway Pegs

Enhance your V-twin cruiser bike riding experience and comfort with a new set of aftermarket Kuryakyn Longhorn Highway Pegs from West End Motorsports. These high-quality highway pegs are designed to help fight rider fatigue and allow you to easily stretch your legs out when cruising on the highway on your Suzuki S83 Boulevard or other V-twin cruisers. These offset highway pegs are stylish and come with dually pegs and 1-inch, 1.25-inch, or 1.5-inch clamps to attach to a wide variety of tubing, crash bars, and engine guards. 

Easy to Install and Adjustable

Kuryakyn Offset Highway Pegs are sold in pairs and come with chrome-plated steel brackets. They also include rubber inserts for added comfort, allowing for riders to rest their feet on the pegs at stoplights or while riding through traffic. We know that riding in an uncomfortable or awkward position can lead to knee and leg fatigue, especially when you're on the road all day. Kuryakyn Longhorn Highway Pegs make it easy for riders to find a comfortable riding position while still staying within reach of their foot controls at all times. 

Our highway pegs are easy to install and allow for infinite adjustments for both height and offset. They allow users to adjust the angle of their feet for optimum comfort. The pegs easily lock into place to accommodate any size rider. Kuryakyn Offset Highway Pegs are made from high-quality metal alloy to give them a strong and durable construction. They work best for riders who use Dually footpegs but can also be used on Kuryakyn's heavy-duty highway peg brackets. These highway pegs are finished with chrome plating for great looks that will last.

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Designed with comfort and style in mind, these pegs offer a shape that is easy on your legs while providing plenty of surface area for confident footing even when riding at slower speeds or when stopped. We know that with traditional highway pegs, the rider's legs are forced into an unnatural position while riding. Kuryakyn Longhorn Highway Pegs address this issue with offset mounting plates that rotate slightly forward to allow riders' knees to adopt a more natural angle when resting on these highway pegs. 

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  • [SKU# 4574] 1 1/2" Clamps 
  • [SKU# 4575] 1 1/4" Clamps [Removes $9.94]
  • [SKU# 7980] 1 " Clamps 
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