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Fuel Processors

How The Vulcan 900 Power Commander Works

Dynojet’s power commander for the Vulcan 900 works by letting you control fuel and ignition timing for each cylinder, and allowing you to customize each map based on the gear you’re in. The result is extra horsepower and increased performance.

A perfect complementary component for the Power Commander, each fuel processor for the Vulcan 900 works by adjusting the air/fuel ratio the engine receives. Combine the two, and you have a system for optimizing horsepower and torque, while maintaining optimal engine temperature.

Order Your Power Commander Today

If you’re ready to take the horsepower of your Vulcan 900 to the next level, the Vulcan 900 power commander from Dynojet ― along with a compatible aftermarket fuel processor ― are just the right components for the job. Order today from West End Motorsports, and start enjoying more performance than your growling Kawasaki Vulcan already offers!