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Fuel Processors

Indian Motorcycle Upgrades

When choosing Indian Motorcycle upgrades for your Roadmaster, don’t forget to include a premium fuel processor. Fuel processors let you control how your bike uses fuel, helping you make the most of high-dollar Indian Motorcycle custom parts.

Fuel processors let you map your engine’s performance, adjusting it for better fuel economy and power by tuning your engine for the aftermarket modifications you’ve made. Some processors will even automatically tune performance, making having a tuned bike for your next ride as easy as hopping onto the driver’s seat.

Performance-Engineered Tuning

Our processors are Indian Motorcycle upgrades that can turn your ride from bike to beast. As with all of our Indian Motorcycle custom parts, we ensure our tuners work great and come from companies with a track record of giving riders the performance they expect.

Adding a fuel tuner to your Roadmaster helps you get the best performance from your aftermarket parts and is an easy bike customization to make. Stop wasting money and get the fuel management you need.

Be The Master Of Your Road

When you need a bike that owns the road, you need premium custom parts that offer unsurpassed performance. We’re proud to bring you the best the market has to offer. If you have questions about parts or orders, please call our customer service pros at 800-520-8525. Order your Indian Motorcycle upgrades from West End Motorsports today.