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Great Parts for a Great Bike

The Indian Chieftan is the kind of cruiser whose looks and performance should be changed with only the most top performing upgrades. And when it comes to seating, West End Motorsports offers some of the best options, including wide touring seats and Indian Chieftain backrest seats that deliver the perfect mix of comfort, style, and durability for those long, scenic rides. 

Ride With Comfort and Style

The Chieftain is one of the best bikes for great, factory-installed technology. For many riders, the only thing left to do is give the bike an aftermarket Mustang seat for your Indian Chieftain that’s perfect for their body type and back support needs. This is why we provide a great selection of Indian Chieftain backrest seats and other seating options for Chieftain models from 2014 and up.

Order online, and improve your bike’s look and ride today.