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V-Rod Fairings

Your Harley has plenty of power; don’t let poor aerodynamics drag it down. A V-Rod fairing kit gives you the drag-profile you need for less wind resistance and more comfort. A V-Rod fairing helps guide air around the bike and away from the rider. This creates a more comfortable ride, helping to protect you from cold wind, flying insects, and road debris.

Premium Fairing

Every V-Rod fairing kit is guaranteed to have perfect fitment, is designed to accentuate performance and aesthetics, and is manufactured from high-quality materials that last. Adding a fairing to your bike makes it score well in three categories that passionate riders care about deeply: the safety, comfort, and appearance of a motorcycle.

Own The Road

There’s only one choice for the best aftermarket parts and accessories for your Harley-Davidson V-Rod. Choose the company that loves motorcycles as much as you: West End Motorsports. For assistance choosing parts and accessories to optimize your bike’s performance, call us at 800-520-8525. Order your V-Rod fairing today from West End Motorsports!