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Trike Fairings

Keep the wind in your hair and away from your body with a Harley Freewheeler Windshield. A Street Glide fairing helps keep you safe from road debris and skin-numbing wind, while giving your bike a more aggressive look, as you motor down the road. The right fairing helps you ride longer and more comfortably.

Parts Tough Enough for a Harley

Our selection of Harley Freewheeler windshield set-ups, Street Glide fairing kits, and accessories meet our exacting standards of quality and craftsmanship. They’re made of rugged, durable materials that give you many of miles of service. A fairing helps guide air around you as you ride, reducing wind drag and saving gas. It’s an easy customization that helps pay for itself.

Treat Your Harley Right

Chain stores are fine for buying oil and spark plugs, but for Harley-Davidson parts and accessories, choose a parts company that loves Harleys as much as you: West End Motorsports. For help you get the right parts for your bike, call us at 800-520-8525. Our customer service team is happy to help. Order your Harley Freewheeler windshield today from West End Motorsports!