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Trike Seats

New Harley Trike seats make cruising the road more enjoyable. A flat, worn Harley-Davidson Trike seat can transfer every bump and pothole from your wheels to your spine. A new seat helps save your body by giving you a comfortable ride, while offering a way to create a unique trike that reflects your personality. Make your ride stand out!

Premium Seats

Our Harley Trike seats are premium parts that meet the highest quality standards, no knock-offs allowed. New Harley-Davidson Trike seats give your bike a custom look, while letting you ride more comfortably than before. Add a backrest to your seat, your passenger’s seat, or both, and you have the support you need for long road trips. It’s an easy way to get the most out of your next cruise.

Love your Trike

Harley Trike lovers are a special breed of Harley riders. We understand the passion and want you to have the best Harley trike on the road. For help selecting parts that are guaranteed to fit your trike, call our customer service team at 800-520-8525. Order your Harley Trike seats and accessories from West End Motorsports today!