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Premium-Quality Harley-Davidson Softail Fairings

At West End Motorsports, we have a wide selection of fairings for 1984 to 2017 Harley-Davidson Softails. These aftermarket fairings are constructed with premium components and precision engineered to ensure perfect fitment when installed. Not only will you be able to ride with confidence, knowing that your new fairings won't fall off or break apart while on the road, but you can also rest assured that they fit properly in relation to everything else on the bike, ensuring excellent aerodynamics and style.

Our selection of aftermarket fairings offer you a reliable option for enhancing or replacing your current fairing setup at cost-effective pricing – all you need to do is find the right fairing size for your Harley-Davidson Softail and make it yours. We only stock fairings from top brands like Burly Brand, Hoppe Industries, and Memphis Shades so you can shop with total confidence.

Ride Like You Mean It

We know how it feels to hit the road on a Harley you love because we've done it ourselves. To get started on creating the bike of your dreams, call us at 570-992-1113. We'll help you choose the aftermarket Harley-Davidson Softail parts you need to make your bike look, feel, and perform as you want it to. So don't wait – get the Harley-Davidson Softail batwing fairings or other types of Softail fairings you need today from West End Motorsports.

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Are aftermarket fairings easy to install?

Each aftermarket fairing we sell comes with an instruction manual that offers step-by-step guidance for easy installation. At West End Motorsports, we offer a fitment guarantee for every aftermarket part we sell.

Does an aftermarket fairing require specific maintenance?

Yes. For optimal performance, it is important to regularly inspect your Harley-Davidson Softail fairing and clean any dirt or debris that may accumulate over time. You should also lubricate moving parts and periodically tighten screws and bolts.

What are the different types of aftermarket fairings?

There are several different types of aftermarket fairings, such as the Harley Softail batwing fairing, which is designed to provide a streamlined and aerodynamic look. We also carry classic front, rear, and belly style fairings for your Harley-Davidson Softail.