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Harley-Davidson Softail Exhausts

Harley-Davidson has done more than create softail motorcycles that perform as great as they look. The company actually coined the term “softail” in 1984, with the release of the first FXST Softail model. Today, the term is used to identify softail technology in a variety of bike brands.

However, if you demand the best softail design, you go with a Harley. If you’re looking for a way to take that up another notch, then check out our unbeatable selection of Harley-Davidson softail exhaust upgrades! 

Preserving the Softail Experience

Softail motorcycles are known for their exceptionally smooth ride. A special rear suspension system uses springs or shock absorbers to absorb bumps in the road. In Harley models, the system is hidden along the axis under the transmission.

Our Harley-Davidson exhaust options for softail bikes are specially designed to accommodate the placement of the softail system. Your bike looks like it has a rigid frame, but the smooth ride shows that the softail system is working its magic. 

Available for Many Harley Models

We offer Harley-Davidson softail exhaust components for all model years, from the first softail bikes to hit the road in 1984 to 2017 models that are loaded with new features. Regardless of which Harley softail you drive, we understand why you’ll want to remove the quiet stock pipes and replace them with a cleaner, more custom exhaust option. At West End Motorsports, we guarantee our Harley-Davidson exhaust options will look great on your motorcycle and deliver the performance you expect from a Harley.

Order today to give your Harley an exhaust made specially for the softail system.