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Road King

How Different Fairings Compare

All motorcycle fairings have the same dual purpose. They enhance the look of the bike's nose by making it appear slightly wider and more streamlined. And the curves that create the streamlined look help direct wind over the rider and around his or her sides.

As long as aesthetics don’t jeopardize performance dynamics, no problem. Our batwing fairings for your Road King look different from our others, but they perform just as well. The functionality of fairings is pure motorcycle dynamics, which are tough to judge on looks alone. That’s why getting fairings for a Road King from a reputable seller matters. As for reputation, listen to what our customers have to say about our parts, including some of the best Road King fairings on the market.

A Perfect Fit is not a Luxury

Certain bike parts may work fairly well without a perfect fit, but a fairing isn’t one of them. Perfect positioning surrounds you with those invisible barriers of air. And let’s be honest, you’re not installing a fairing in the name of science. You want a tight fit that looks right and doesn’t rattle when you ride.

West End Motorsports guarantees our Road King Fairings will fit perfectly, which means they’ll look and function as if factory-installed. We even have an option for fully assembled fairings with stereo and navigation. If you need aftermarket fairings for a Road King, shop our line of Harley-Davidson batwing fairings for Road Kings today and pick the one you like best.


What are fairings on a motorcycle?

Motorcycle fairings are aerodynamic pieces attached to a motorcycle frame, typically near the front and rear tire. Fairings provide protection from wind and debris while also improving the bike’s aesthetics. Depending on their intended purpose, they can be made of plastic, fiberglass, or carbon fiber.

What are the types of motorcycle fairings?

The two main types of motorcycle fairings are full and half. Full fairings are larger and cover the bike's front, sides, and rear. Half fairings only cover the front portion of the bike, leaving the sides and back exposed. Other fairings for a Road King include lower or belly pan fairings, which cover part of the engine to reduce drag, and race-style fairings, which are designed to improve aerodynamics.

What are bat wings on a motorcycle?

Bat wings, also known as batwing fairings, have a unique shape that resembles the wings of a bat and generally cover the front portion of the bike down to the handlebars. The best Road King fairings offer protection from wind and debris while providing a stylish look to your ride.

How do you install aftermarket fairings?

Installing motorcycle fairings can be done by following the instructions and using the mounting hardware that comes with them. When installing fairings for your Road King, it’s important to ensure all screws are securely tightened and any gap sealant is applied correctly to prevent rattling or water leaks.