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Hard Bags

The Advantage of Hard Bags

Soft materials have their advantages, particularly when it comes to comfort, as seen in the case of motorcycle seat cushions. But soft bags may not always be the best choice when it comes to saddlebags for motorcycles as they're prone to sagging over time and provide limited protection for the items stored within them. Here are some advantages of hard Dyna saddlebags and why they are worth considering for your motorcycle.

  • Superior protection for belongings: Harley-Davidson Dyna saddlebags are made from durable materials such as plastic, fiberglass, or aluminum that provide a rigid structure that can withstand impact, keeping your belongings safe and secure. 
  • Enhanced security: Dyna hard bags can be locked to your motorcycle, ensuring the safety of your belongings from theft. This feature is not commonly found in soft bags, making hard bags a more secure option.
  • Water-resistance and weather protection: Many hard saddlebags come with built-in waterproofing and protection, which helps to keep your belongings dry in case of rain or other wet conditions and safe.
  • Protection for your motorcycle: In the event of a fall or tip-over, hard saddlebags can act as a barrier between the ground and your motorcycle, potentially preventing costly damage to your bike's bodywork, exhaust, or other components.
  • Improved structural integrity and aesthetics: Dyna hard bags maintain their shape over time, unlike soft bags that can sag and lose their form. This ensures better protection for your belongings and contributes to a more streamlined look for your motorcycle.
  • Customization and versatility: Hard saddlebags are available in various sizes, shapes, and designs, allowing you to find a set that complements your bike's appearance and meets your storage needs. 

While hard saddlebags may come with a higher price tag and added weight compared to their soft counterparts, their numerous benefits make them a worthwhile investment for any motorcycle rider.

Order Hard Bags for Dyna

The Dyna hard bags in our inventory offer excellent dimensional stability. They also come with our guarantee of perfect fitment. Your bags will look factory-installed, not as if an armchair mechanic did the job. If you're shopping for Dyna saddlebags that stay in great shape and offer great protection, order hard bags for Dyna from West End Motorsports today. We also have a variety of other practical upgrades for your Dyna, including aftermarket seats and windshields.


What are the key features of Dyna hard saddlebags?

Harley-Davidson Dyna saddlebags are designed to provide a durable and secure storage solution. They’re made of high-quality materials like ABS plastic or fiberglass, offering superior protection for your belongings. They’re also weather resistant and have lockable latches. The easy-to-install mounting systems ensure compatibility with various Dyna models, making them a popular choice for enhancing your motorcycle's functionality and aesthetics.

How do Dyna hard bags compare to soft saddlebags?

Compared to soft saddlebags, hard bags offer improved security and protection for your items. Their rigid construction ensures belongings remain safe from impact. Additionally, Dyna hard saddlebags are designed with weather-resistant features, keeping your possessions dry in wet conditions. These bags maintain their shape over time, providing a streamlined appearance that complements your Harley-Davidson Dyna motorcycle.

Can I easily install and remove Dyna hard saddlebags from my motorcycle?

Dyna hard bags often come with user-friendly mounting systems, allowing for straightforward installation and removal. These systems are designed to work seamlessly with Dyna models, ensuring a secure and stable fit. Some Dyna saddlebags even feature quick-release mechanisms, providing the convenience of detaching the bags when not in use or for maintenance purposes, without compromising their durability or performance.