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Crash Bars

Enjoy the Right Amount of Protection

Our custom Dyna crash bars are designed and built to offer the level of protection you need as you familiarize yourself with your bike without damaging it in the process. The crash bars are easy to install and include the hardware you need for a quick setup. West End Motorsports makes it easy for you to buy crash bars that match your bike’s design and improve its look.

Motorcycle crash bars are not just about protecting your bike but also about minimizing your risk of injury during a crash. A lot of work has gone into determining the exact placement and length of each Dyna crash bar to ensure enough lean angle while providing the right amount of protection. They come with replaceable sliders and come as a bolt-on kit with different finishes.

Order Yours Today

Want quality crash bars for your Harley-Davidson Dyna bike? We bring you dual-function crash bars that not only protect your bike but also add to its style. Whether you want to protect your bike’s front or side sections, you can shop with complete confidence at West End Motorsports. Order today and enjoy guaranteed fitment and free shipping on orders over $99.