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Cobra Speedster Swept Exhaust for Warrior '02-Up

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Cobra Speedster Swept Exhaust for Warrior '02-Up

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• The Warrior's loyal followers are going to love this exhaust system

• It has the style that unites the design cues of the bike and unlocks its true performance potential

• The Speedsters also give the bike the thundering wall of sound it deserves

• The sweeping lines of the Speedster Swept exhaust system follow the curved shapes of the motorcycle to create a great look

• The Speedster Swepts create a deep rumble that improves the sound but keeps the noise down

• Like all Cobra's Speedsters, the Swepts include the Cobra PowerPort for increased low and mid-range power

• They are equipped with full length 2.5-inch heatshields which wrap around 222 degrees and cover the 1.75-inch headpipes

• Of course they also have Cobra's Limited Lifetime Warranty