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Cobra Speedster Longs Exhaust with PowerPort for Softail '12-17 Chrome

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Cobra Speedster Longs  Exhaust with PowerPort for Softail '12-17 Chrome
The Perfect Blend of Traditional Styling + Modern Performance Technology

• Cobra Speedsters are dyno-proven-and-tested to deliver power gains over stock that are among the highest in the business

• Feature full-length, 220° heat shields that fit tip-to-tip for ultimate bluing prevention and an attractive seamless look

• Constructed of high-quality, triple-chromed steel and are finished off with chromed aluminum billet tips Cobra Speedster Longs Exhaust w/ PowerPort for Softail '12-Up [6952]

The revolutionary Cobra PowerPort proprietary crossover technology--
+ Developed to create a power increase similar to what you'd get from a two-into-one system while still maintaining the clean classic lines of 2-into-2 pipes
+ Strategically placed in the muffler section to make it easier to install the pipes (header pipes can be installed individually)
+ Best of all, the PowerPort works while remaining discreetly out of sight, tucked away behind the heat shield

• Pipes install easily with exceptional, user-friendly, mounting hardware

• Made in the U.S.A

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