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Winter Motorcycle Gear You'll Need This Season

Winter Motorcycle Gear You'll Need This Season

Posted by Wiley Moody on Jan 2, 2020

Getting caught in bad weather while you’re on a ride is the last thing you want during winter — especially when it’s unexpected. So, it’s important to plan early for the cold weather by getting the right winter motorcycle gear. It’s better to have the right gear and not use it, than be underprepared and need it this season. From helmets and gloves to jackets and boots, there are must-have essentials you need to ride comfortably through the winter.

Here’s the gear you’ll need for staying warm on a motorcycle during winter:

Helmet With a Removable Visor

When you’re dealing with rain and strong winds, opting for full-face protection is a must. We recommend investing in a helmet that has a removable visor to shield against rain, snow, and fog. A quality helmet has great ventilation systems that can be easily adjusted for more or less air flow. The outer shell should offer the ultimate crash protection, and some even come with attachable neck guards for extra warmth. Just like in any winter motorcycle gear, the primary purpose is safety and comfortability in harsh environments.

Motorcycle Jacket

While you can buy a riding jacket specifically for winter, it’s best to grab yourself a motorcycle jacket that is designed for year-round riding. Select a jacket that features adjustable vents for breathability and removable Gore-Tex with thermal liners for cold or wet weather. The outer shell of the jacket should be abrasion resistant and waterproof. An under the helmet hood is also a great addition to keep your neck dry. Look out for shoulder and elbow armor for increased protection.

Winter Riding Pants

The right pants for riding in cold weather should be both waterproof and ventilated like other winter motorcycle gear. The stretch inserts should be at the knees and back to provide you with the protection you need against the elements while ensuring comfort and flexibility. Winter pants should also have removable thermal liners like your jacket and helmet. Ensure you also get knee protectors and hip pad compartments if you want an upgrade in safety as well.

Winter Riding Boots

When buying winter riding boots, you have to balance comfort and the needed insulation with mobility. The best boots should allow you to play in the snow one moment and get back to riding with ease. They should be waterproof, abrasion-resistant, have a non-slip outer sole, full-height if need be, and feature full-grain leather for that warm feeling in your feet.

Look out for impact protection, moisture-wicking material, easy adjustability, easy flexing, and perfect fit. Pair these boots with some wool socks for better winter protection.

Heated Gloves or Heated Hand Grips

motorcycle parked outside in the winter

If you’re buying winter motorcycle gear for the first time, you’re probably wondering whether to opt for heated gloves or hand grips. Whichever you prefer, it’s a good idea to have a pair or two of heated gloves for winter riding. Choose heated gloves that can be worn with or without other heated gear. The gloves should have a waterproof and breathable lining that keeps your hands warm by keeping out the cold.

Be sure that the heated gloves have good padding for a reliable grip, abrasion resistance, and impact protection on the knuckles, palms, and fingers for peace of mind. The right gloves protect hands against freezing in winter. Whether you choose heated gloves or hand grips, make sure they have adjustable vents.

Buy Winter Motorcycle Gear Online

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