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The Top 4 Middleweight Cruisers

The Top 4 Middleweight Cruisers

Posted by West End Motorsports on May 20, 2019

A cruiser is the ultimate motorcycle option for every riding style. These bikes are known for blending comfort and performance into an impressive package. To get a bike that provides a comfortable ride both on the highway and in urban environments, a middleweight cruiser is the way to go. Not sure what option is best for your riding needs? We have you covered with this list of some of the best middleweight cruisers.

1) Yamaha Bolt R-Spec

If you are new to cruisers, the Bolt R-Spec from Yamaha is one of the best middleweight cruisers on the market. While the Bolt has been a popular line of bikes for years, the R-Spec takes things up by offering room for customization. So, as riders become more experienced, they can outfit the bike to match their changing style. The R-Spec also has a great amount of power and torque with minimal curb weight. This allows it to be an agile machine that provides a great ride on a variety of road surfaces and conditions.

2) Honda Fury

When it comes to cruising, choppers are highly regarded. Their stretched out look really feels suited for long drives on the open highway. Honda’s Fury takes that and modifies the chassis with a sloping top and lean lines that presents an overall sleek appearance. Adding chrome adornments and blacked out engine cylinders with a bottom end makes this one of the best-looking middleweight cruisers on the market. Plus it has a 1300cc V-Twin engine, giving you the performance you need for extended driving.

3) Ducati XDiavel

The Ducati name is known for ultra high-performance bikes designed for racing. But with their XDiavel, Ducati offers one of the best middleweight cruisers. Though this bike embodies the high output style Ducati is known for, it features a chassis infused with tech to create a highly maneuverable machine. However, it still has a relaxed stance that inhibits a lot of low-speed riding, making it a high-end way to get around.

4) Harley-Davidson Softail Deluxe

When it comes to motorcycles, few names are as widely recognized as Harley-Davidson. So no list of the best middleweight cruisers would be complete without a ride from this legendary manufacturer. Luckily they have a great piece to fit with their Softail Deluxe. Built around an endlessly customizable base, the Softail embodies the classic H-D look while leaving plenty of room for experienced riders to design a completely unique bike. Its V-Twin holds plenty of power and makes quite an impression wherever you go – whether cruising around town or blasting down the highway at top speeds.

Find the Best Ride for Your Style

When you need the performance of a high powered ride you can count on with the maneuverability to get around twisty city streets, you can’t go wrong with a middleweight cruiser. This popular option has spawned a lot of choices, including the four featured here. If you need help deciding which of these options is best for your needs – or want to ask about other machines out there – West End Motorsports can help. We have the industry experience to assist in finding you the perfect machine, no matter what your riding goals are.