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The Benefits of Installing Motorcycle Fairings

The Benefits of Installing Motorcycle Fairings

Posted by Wiley Moody on Jan 2, 2020

While naked bikes may have higher accessibility, there’s no question that bikes upgraded with motorcycle fairings have a more appealing look, better aerodynamics, and improved protection. Fairings are designed to fit your bike to give it a fresh and stylish look. In fact, fairings have seen a huge rise in demand, especially among younger riders who want to personalize their ride with cool bike elements.

Besides the enhanced appearance that the best aftermarket motorcycle fairings provide, there are other benefits you should know:

Diminish Aerodynamic Drag

It’s no secret that when you’re riding a motorcycle without fairings at highway speeds, you get to experience more aerodynamic drag. While manufacturers do their best to fix this in the motorcycle design, installing quality motorcycle fairings and a sleek windshield can help diminish the aerodynamic drag you experience as you enjoy your ride, in effect reducing fuel consumption. Reduced drag minimizes the potential of getting into riding accidents due to instability, as well.

Protect Bike from Harsh Weather Conditions

Motorcycle fairings also protect the bike from extreme weather conditions aside from day-to-day weather elements. Most riders experience two types of extremes: windy, frosty, and stormy weather, or sauna-like weather. During windy weather, fairings play a role almost similar to a windshield. They help you get to your destination relatively unaffected by strong winds.

During stormy weather, fairings spread the drizzling water away from your body, keeping you and your riding gear moderately dry. In hot, dry weather, motorcycle fairings reflect sunlight and bounce off the immediate glare of the sun, which keeps you cooler.

Increased Protection for Rider & Engine

If, by any chance, you get involved in a motorcycle accident, the best aftermarket motorcycle fairings increase both you and your engine’s chances of survival. They are not only a great upgrade for styling your bike but also provide rider protection and chassis coverage, especially at lower speeds. Research has shown that riders with fairings on their motorcycles feel safer than those riding with naked bikes.

Enhanced Aesthetics

Fairings have come a long way over the years. From basic form and function plastic fairings to more advanced protective fiberglass fairings that come in different appealing custom styles and colors, there’s no doubt that today’s options have greatly improved in appeal. Just like other popular custom motorcycle accessories like seats and exhausts, manufacturers are aware that riders want more aesthetically pleasing motorcycle fairings to personalize their riding experience.

Choose the Right Fairings for Your V-Twin Cruiser

parked bike with motorcycle fairings

It’s important to select the right fairings for your v-twin cruiser bike, and that’s where West End Motorsports comes in. We bring you full cruiser bike fairing kits and accessories from leading aftermarket brands like Arlen Ness, Clearance, Hogtunes, Hoppe Industries, Kuryakyn, Memphis Shades, National Cycle, Paul Yaffe’s Bagger Nation, and RWD.

Create a smooth and streamlined look for your Harley, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Victory, or Yamaha v-twin cruiser bike with our high-quality fairings. Order today and enjoy guaranteed fitment.