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The 6 Best Cruisers For Short Riders

The 6 Best Cruisers For Short Riders

Posted by West End Motorsports on Apr 2, 2019

A Yamaha cruiser parked in the desert

With all the attention big bikes get, it can be hard to find quality cruisers for short riders. Cruisers are a popular choice for shorter riders due to their ability to pack plenty of bike into a package that is still easy to mount and dismount from comfortably. With a little attention to detail, you can get a bike that offers you the perfect blend of power, fun, and size.

Why Cruisers Are Great For Short Riders

For many shorter riders, cruisers are the perfect bike. Generally built for everyday riding, they don’t force you to perch atop them like crotch rockets, nor do they require the same long arms and legs as a chopper with hangers on it does. Instead, cruisers for short riders offer a vertically oriented riding position with the head up, shoulders back, and feet forward. In addition, the seats are usually mounted lower on the bike, 31-inches or less in most cases, which is perfect for shorter legs.

Another reason they remain so popular is that, despite their smaller frames, they offer engines that provide plenty of power for a hard, fast ride. This avoids giving shorter riders the feeling that a smaller bike isn’t “real”. If there’s one thing these cruisers for short riders all have in common, it’s that while the size may be scaled down, power doesn’t have to be.

A man and woman riding together on a small cruiser

Big Power, Smaller Packages

  • The Indian Scout - The Indian scout isn’t just low at 25.8 inches, it’s lean, with a narrow seat that is comfortable even with shortest legs. The Scout Sixty sister model takes things a step further with one of the lightest cruiser bikes around and a correspondingly smaller frame. If you’re looking at cruisers for short riders but want an all-American feel, the Scouts are great choices.
  • The Honda Shadow Phantom - If you’re looking for a big cruiser in a small package, the Honda SHdow Phantom has you covered. Sharing some of the same aesthetics that you find in their larger Valkyrie bikes, the Shadow Phantom is supple curves and a 25.8-inch seat height. The 745cc V-Twin engine cranks out plenty of power, while state-of-the-art engineering keeps this bike light and nimble.
  • Yamaha VStar 650 - The VStar 650 looks like it’s from the 70s but comes with modern engineering. The 27.4-inch seat height gives shorter riders comfort, and the narrow seat keeps your legs on the ground and gives you complete control of this 650cc cruiser.
  • Harley-Davidson Street 500 - With a 28.3-inch seat height, the Street 500 is a great entry for shorter riders who want to ride a Harley. You get all the hallmarks of Harley-Davidson quality here, including the loud, distinctive Harley rumble, but in a package that is more comfortable for smaller-framed riders.
  • Kawasaki Vulcan S - Designed to fit a wide range of riders, the Vulcan S offers plenty to shorter motorcycle enthusiasts. With a very comfortable 27.8-inch seat height, it’s plenty low enough for control, while the 649cc engine delivers a respectable amount of power for the biggest or smallest riders. It also checks in as one of the cheaper bikes on the list for its displacement, making it a decent beginner bike choice across the board.
  • The Suzuki Boulevard S40 - Another imported favorite, the Boulevard S40 gives you a cruiser ride with a sport bike feel. It has a low 27.6-inch seat height and a respectable 652cc engine, putting it in the same class head-to-head with the Vulcan S. This lightweight ride gives you plenty of power for its small stature.

Making It Your Own

a rider takes a break from the road

Whether you opt for a new bike straight from the dealership or a used ride from someone in your club, we’ll make sure you have the parts and accessories you need to own the road. We carry a wide range of parts and accessories for the most popular cruisers for short riders, so you’ll have what you need to build a better bike.

Call us with any questions about our performance motorcycle parts at (800) 520-8525. Our customer service team will help you get components guaranteed to fit your ride. Order your parts from West End Motorsports today.