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The 4 Best Big Cruiser Motorcycles

The 4 Best Big Cruiser Motorcycles

Posted by West End Motorsports on Apr 8, 2019

A large cruiser is parked on the yellow line of a lonely desert highway

If you’re looking for the best big cruiser motorcycle for you, there are a lot of bikes to look through. Cruisers are easy to ride, fun, and can fit in well alongside everything from smaller sportbikes to the largest touring models. Cruisers are the go-everywhere, down-for-anything kings of the bike world. If you want a ride that’s large and in charge, they’re a great place to start your search.

What Makes A Big Cruiser Cruise?

Cruisers tend to share some key criteria, but there are plenty of bikes that fit the name, even though they may be a little off from the traditional designs. Generally speaking, the best big cruiser motorcycle models will share these:

  • Low Saddle Position - The seat on a cruiser bike will generally sit low. This helps lower the rider’s center of gravity for better stability. This new, rider-friendly height is great for beginners who need to build confidence, but plenty of experienced riders love the feel it gives them as they put the bike through its paces.
  • Geared For An Upright Rider - Cruisers are meant to be ridden sitting up: eyes up, shoulders back, feet forward. A cruiser that fits you properly won’t have you assuming the crouched-forward stance of a sportbike or the laid back lounging of a touring model; rather, the best big cruiser motorcycle will keep you sitting in between the two, tall and ready to react to the road.
  • Going Big - The point at which a bike transitions from small to big cruiser is up for debate. We’re only going to look at rides with an engine displacement of at least 700cc. While some would classify that as a mid-size cruiser, once you pass that threshold, you’re dealing with enough extra weight and power that it changes how you ride.

What Makes a Bike the Best?

While these pointers will help you single out the cruisers, it won’t help you narrow down the choices from there. Having a base-level of criteria you’re looking for helps avoid rides that won’t be the right fit and focus on finding the best big cruiser motorcycle for you. The right motorcycle is an investment of your time and resources, so you’ll want to make the right decision the first time. Consider these factors in your initial selection.

  • Flash That Badge - The big companies are big for a reason: a ton of riders ride their bikes. This points not only to the increased popularity of their models but increased durability and potential resale value. While everyone has a favorite brand, steer clear of the budget online “motorcycle” sellers that promise a comparable new bike from a company you’ve never heard of, shipped directly to your door for a fraction of the price of a name-brand bike. You will usually get what you pay for, so make sure you’re paying for a brand you can count on.
  • New or Used-Within-Your-Repair-Means - The last thing you want is to unintentionally buy a project bike. If your blood is grease, and you turn a wrench on a regular basis, then you may be looking for something to build up as your own, and that’s ok. If you don’t know a Phillips head from a Panhead, then you’re better off looking for bikes that already run good. In your excitement, don’t mistake finding the cheapest big cruiser motorcycle for finding the best big cruiser motorcycle.
  • Keep It Personal - In the end, your final decision will rely on personal preference. There are plenty of bike options and everyone brings something a bit different to the table. Do you want ABS breaks or traditional discs? Keep it no frills or customize it until it drips chrome? These details are what really sets apart each ride. Be honest with how you’re comfortable riding, what you want your bike to do, and your skill level as a rider, and you’ll migrate toward the best big cruiser motorcycle to help you own the road for years to come.

A black Harley-Davidson cruiser sits in an empty, dimly lit garage

Some Of The Best In The Business

  • Yamaha Roadstar - With a 1670cc motor, there’s no mistaking the Roadstar for a small ride. It checks all the boxes for a large and powerful cruiser bike. While it may not be as iconic as some of its competition, it makes up for it with performance. The Road Star’s 66.5-inch wheelbase gives the bike a long and low profile and improves its balance.
  • Kawasaki Vulcan 1700 - If the Rocket’s inline-3 isn’t traditional enough for you, the Vulcan’s 1700cc V-twin should be a better fit. Consistently one of the best big cruiser motorcycle models out there, the Vulcan has earned its place on the list for dependable size and power. The latest models also pack in some extra features standard, so if you want a few bells and whistles for a base-model price, it could be an attractive option.
  • Harley Davidson Touring Models - No way around it, the touring models are one of the best big cruiser motorcycle choices you can make. Including the Electra Glide, Road King, Street Glide, Road Glide, and Road King Special, these bikes really are the kings of the road. They come with plenty of power--some of the models have up to 114 cubic inches--and you’ll get the best in control and comfort too.
  • Harley-Davidson Softail - The softail frame has the look of rigid frame bikes from yesteryear, but the bike gives you the comfort you can only get from a rear suspension. This is the ride for you whether you want to stretch your feet out and kick back or if you want to accelerate to hit crusing speed fast. With a dry weight of 672 pounds, this thing is big and sure to deliver all you want out of a big cruiser.

Picking The Best Big Cruiser Motorcycle For You

a Honda motorcycle has its kickstand out

You’ll find plenty of different big cruisers out there, and you should ride as many of them as you can. That’s the best way to find out which offer you the best mix of features, the absolute most power you’re comfortable controlling, and the perfect motorcycle for your usual riding activities. Cruisers continue to be a popular bike class, so there are always new ones rolling off assembly lines and used bikes entering the secondary market.

When you need parts to keep it running or to build it out into the best big cruiser motorcycle on the streets, we're ready with the largest selection of guaranteed-to-fit performance parts and accessories on the market. Call us today with any questions or if you need help getting the right part for your ride at (800) 520-8525. Order your custom motorcycle parts online from West End Motorsports today.