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Spotlight: Arlen Ness Inverted and Monster Sucker Air Cleaner Kits

Spotlight: Arlen Ness Inverted and Monster Sucker Air Cleaner Kits

Posted by on Feb 9, 2017

One of the most over looked components that helps get more ponies down to the road is the stock air cleaner. What's the big deal you say? Well I'll tell ya. The stock air filter is very restrictive and doesn't meet the needs of most performance upgrades. The object of putting a louder aftermarket exhaust on your motorcycle is to enhance the sound and add performance. 

To get the most performance out of your new exhaust system, you need more air and more fuel to enrichen the mixture going into your combustion chamber. You can put an Arlen Ness air kit on your bike even if you are not installing an aftermarket exhaust system. Whatever you decide, a Fuel Processor is always recommend so your engine isn't running lean and too hot.

The nice thing about Arlen Ness products is that not only do they out perform much of the competition, but they out cool much of the competition.

Multiple inverted air cleaner kits

The Arlen Ness Inverted Air Cleaner Kits are Now available for 2017 Models to cram as much air as possible into your Milwaukee Eight engine. The black stainless steel jacketed inverted air filter features 360 degrees of pleated sides to pull in air from every angle possible. Slot Track (upper right), Deep Cut (lower left) and Beveled (lower right) designs are available in black or chrome finishes and add a focal point of pure custom style to your bike.

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The Arlen Ness Monster Sucker was developed for today's bigger displacement engines. Bigger displacement means bigger performance gains can be made by removing the restricted air box and replacing it with a Monster Sucker. The aggressive design makes the bike look like it's going fast even when it's sitting still. This set up will work with stock Harley-Davidson fairing lowers.

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