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Motorcycle Riding Tips

Motorcycle Riding Tips

Posted by West End Motorsports on Feb 25, 2019

A motorbike can take you into nature.

Riding a motorcycle is an incredible experience. At the same time, the simple truth is that it’s more dangerous than other forms of transportation. Some basic motorcycle riding tips can help you to stay safe on the road, keep your bike in top shape, and make your adventures more fun in general. Check out these handy tips so you can ride with confidence.

1. Gear Up

It should go without saying, but wearing proper protective gear is absolutely crucial. While hitting the road in shorts and a t-shirt may seem appealing on a hot summer day, the danger is simply never worth it. Leather isn’t just about style. It helps to protect you from wind, bugs, and other debris, and if you fall, you’re going to be glad that your body is protected.

In addition to wearing rugged clothing that protects your skin from the elements, the most critical of all motorcycle riding tips is that you must wear a helmet. That should be a no-brainer right from day one. If your helmet doesn’t have proper eye protection, invest in some goggles or at least some quality sunglasses. Be sure to also get some sturdy boots and gloves too.

2. Get Your Bike Inspected

You should have your motorcycle inspected by a professional on a regular basis. Even if you’re riding a new bike, you should still get it checked out before a major trip. After all, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. When you know that you’re bike is good to go, you can focus on enjoying your trip. That peace of mind is priceless.

3. Check the Weather

One of the most obvious yet often overlooked motorcycle riding tips is that you should know what the weather looks like for the day. Even if it’s gorgeous out to start, you don’t want to get caught in a rainstorm a few hours into your ride.

If you do find yourself caught in bad weather, you must adjust your riding style. Be gentle when throttling, steering, and braking, otherwise you could slide. The most dangerous time is right when the rain begins, as oil residue on the road can rise to the top of the surface. If you feel uncomfortable riding in bad weather conditions, pull over and wait it out.

4. Be Noticeable

Another one of the most essential motorcycle riding tips is that you want vehicles to see you. Always keep your high beam on, even during the day (just be sure to shut it off if you’re stopped behind someone). Wearing bright colors is also a great way to ensure that drivers are aware of your presence.

When you ride, be cautious and aware but also bold and defensive. Riding too cautiously can actually be dangerous. Your goal is to instill confidence in drivers. You want them to easily anticipate your next move. If you’re overly cautious, you risk putting drivers on edge. Always be aware and make all your actions deliberate and obvious.

5. Know Where You’re Riding

An unplanned ride can lead to sticky situations if you’re not careful. While it’s not the most fun out of all the motorcycle riding tips, you may want to consider planning your routes in advance. Yes, the freedom of adventure is part of what makes the lifestyle incredible, but if you accidentally pull onto a rough dirt road that you didn’t know about, you could be in trouble.

While many riders aren’t going to map out their entire journey, it’s good to at least familiarize yourself with all the local terrain. For example, are there lots of hills? Are there neighborhoods? You want to know generally what to expect, even if you don’t know the actual roads by heart.

6. Take It Easy

As a motorcyclist, it’s important that you recognize your strengths and weaknesses. One of the best motorcycle riding tips you may ever hear is to not let your ego run the show. Say you’re riding with a group and the leader starts hitting high speeds. It may be tempting to keep up with the group, but the results could be devastating if your skills aren’t there yet.

Riding a motorcycle is a skill. Like any other skill, it takes time to develop. There’s absolutely no shame in being a beginner — everyone starts at the beginning. Trust your instincts, and if you feel like something’s a bad idea, it is.

7. Follow the Rules of the Road

There’s a certain stigma attached to motorcycling. Bikers often live by their own rules and follow their own lifestyles. That’s just fine, but you have to remember that throwing caution to the wind isn’t just a choice that affects you. Other drivers on the road and pedestrians could be hurt by irresponsible behavior.

One of the motorcycle riding tips that should never be ignored is that the rules of the road are there for a reason. It only takes one lapse in judgment to cause a lifetime of problems, so don’t push the limits. You can have a good time without putting yourself and others in harm’s way.

8. Upgrade Your Bike

Customizing your motorcycle is one of the best parts about the hobby. Not only can you flaunt your personal style, but you can also improve the overall performance of your ride. Beyond that, working on your bike helps you understand your ride better. It helps you understand how your bike works and makes you appreciate a powerful machine with over a century of history behind it.

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