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Motorcycle Passenger Tips

Motorcycle Passenger Tips

Posted by Wiley Moody on May 18, 2019

There’s a lot of information available about how to be a good motorcycle driver. But what about being a good passenger? Before you hop on a bike, there’s more to know than just “hanging on.” Whether you like to ride with a friend or have someone on the back of your own motorcycle, here are some important motorcycle passenger tips to make sure everyone has an enjoyable ride.

Know What to Expect from the Bike

Regardless whether you’ve never been on a motorcycle before or have thousands of miles under your belt, you should always know what to expect before getting onto a bike. Since motorcycles come in all sizes and styles, getting on a different style than what you are accustomed to can be jarring. Make sure to look up motorcycle passenger tips from the manufacturer and ask experienced riders for suggestions before you ride. Ask about the sounds and vibrations caused by the motorcycle. And ask how the bike handles and the best way to get the most from your ride before taking off.

Bring the Right Riding Gear

Before getting on a motorcycle, you need to get the right gear. While it might look cool to ride in a T-shirt and shorts, they won’t help much should the worst happen. The right clothing is durable enough to protect against minor scrapes and cuts if a crash occurs. Leather is a great choice, but jeans and an abrasion resistant jacket will also give you solid protection. Don’t forget to wear tough footwear like hiking boots to stay comfortable on your ride.

It’s not just clothing that you should focus on when choosing a riding outfit. Many states require that you wear a helmet – even if you are just a passenger. Gloves and eye protection, like sunglasses, are also a smart choice even if you don’t legally need them.

Find a Safe Riding Position

As you get on, make sure to find the best riding position. This can change depending on the type and size of the motorcycle. A lot of motorcycle passenger tips are available and tailored to different bike sizes, so you’ll always know the best position to keep your body from accidentally snagging on something that could result in injury. Not only do you want comfort, but distributing your weight for the safest ride possible is important too.

The best riding position includes the right spot for your feet. Placing your feet on the footrests isn’t just great for balance, but can help you avoid getting a wicked burn from accidentally brushing up the exhaust pipes.

Be Aware of the Bike’s Movement

An important motorcycle passenger tip is to learn how the bike rides before you take off. If you’re new to riding, that first turn is going to be a shock. Motorcycles handle differently than cars and other vehicles. You don’t want to lean too much into a turn, but fighting the turn can also prove dangerous. Instead, keep your weight neutral to keep from throwing the bike’s balance off. The same goes for stopping – always be aware of your body position to prevent issues.

Communication Between Rider and Passenger is Key

a motorcyclist and a passenger

When you ride as a passenger on a motorcycle, you are literally trusting someone else with your life. It takes both the rider and passenger to have a safe riding experience. So, communicating as much as possible with the driver is important. You want them to know if you are uncomfortable or need to take a break from the ride. You can also be a big help. Stay aware of surroundings and point out hazards like vehicles in the driver’s blind spot. Since verbal communication can be difficult at high speeds, try coming up with hand signals or other gestures to make communication more effective.

Ask the Experts to Make Rides Memorable

Riding can be a great experience no matter how often you get on a bike. Even if you’ve never been on the back of a bike, there’s no need to worry about your safety. By keeping these motorcycle passenger tips in mind and talking to experts – like the experts at West End Motorsports – you can make sure every ride is smooth.