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Motorcycle Lovers Spring Gift Guide

Motorcycle Lovers Spring Gift Guide

Posted by West End Motorsports on Feb 26, 2019

We know that you motorcycle buffs are ready for the Spring. Now that winter is ending, the fitted covers come off and the bikes are back on the road. Now that you’re back on the move, West End Motorsports has the gear you need.

See our list of motorcycle gift ideas for yourself or the special biker in your life: our loyal customers select these items more than any others. Choose your favorites from our gifts for motorcycle riders guide so you can enjoy them this Spring!

Gifts for Beefing up a Bike’s Sound

Our gifts for motorcycle riders guide has plenty of premium add-ons for bike mufflers. With our muffler add-ons, your bike will rumble and roar down the highway.

1. TAB Performance 4-inch BAM Sticks Tip Compatible Slip-On Mufflers [Look!]

Made for Harley-Davidson Touring models from 2017 and up, these slip-ons are great for three things: capping off mufflers with distinctive end pieces, gaining double-digits in horsepower when they are installed on a stock model and properly tuned, and stopping some stranger from yapping about the weather just by revving your engine.

2. Cobra 4 inch Neighbor Hater Slip-On Mufflers [Look!]

Another deafening set of slip-ons for Harley-Davidson Touring models from 2017 and up, the chrome finish and trumpeted ends of these mufflers make them one of the nicer motorcycle gift ideas for bikers who love classic designs. Designed to produce an infernal exhaust sound that has a distinctive bark, these mufflers are sure to wake up the neighbors or knock them unconscious with a loud shock. It’s as if the product engineer really did hate neighbors.

3. SVT Boneshaker Slip-On Mufflers [Look!]

Designed for a long lineup of Harley-Davidson Touring models from 1995 and up, these slip-ons may be the most versatile upgrade in our gifts for motorcycle riders guide. Just count all the models they fit. Available with black or chrome tips, the aesthetics strike a balance between classic and modern motorcycle exhaust design.

4. Vance & Hines Eliminator 300 Slip-On Mufflers [Look!]

Made for Harley-Davidson Softail models from 2018 and up, Vance & Hines brings you a set of mufflers with glass-wrapped baffles that emit a deep exhaust sound. These mufflers are unique to other the exhaust options in our gifts for motorcycle riders guide. You have the option of receiving “quiet baffles,” which take the exhaust sound down a notch.

Gifts for Boosting a Bike’s Performance

Bikers love motorcycles for the unique style and driving experience, but some riders don’t feel right on a bike that doesn’t match their definition of high-performance. If you know someone into optimized performance upgrades, this section of our gifts for motorcycle riders guide has some premium options.

1. Vance & Hines FP3 Fuelpak Autotuner Fuel Injection Management System [Look!]

Fuel management is often discussed within the context of using fuel economically, but it also includes managing fuel for increased performance. Made for an extensive range of Harley-Davidson models from a variety of model years, this fuel management system helps you get more performance from every dollar you pay at the pump. It’s a simple solution for fuel conservation that doesn’t sacrifice engine performance in return.

2. RCX Power Packages [Look!]

RCX Power Packages offer premium bike performance parts. Made for Harley-Davidson touring bikes from various model years, these packages offer three premium gifts in one: exhaust, tuner, and air filter.

3. Rinehart Racing Complete Stage-1 Slimline Power Package [Look!]

Another multi-part package that offers the gift of variety, this combo from Rinehart Racing offers three premium parts for Harley-Davidson touring bikes from 2017 and up: a Rinehart Racing 4-inch Slimline Dual Exhaust System, a Rinehart Moto Inverted Air Cleaner Kit, and an FP3 FuelPak from Vance & Hines. Delivering gains in horsepower and torque, this is one of the better motorcycle gift ideas for performance enthusiasts who enjoy pushing the package.

Gifts for Adding a Bike’s Accessories

For motorcycle tuners who have installed all the aftermarket parts they could ever want or need, there’s usually still room to mount premium accessories. If you enjoy giving gifts that have the novelty of seeming like they belong to no one else, an eye-catching accessory is one of the motorcycle gift ideas that’s ideal for seasoned riders who have already upgraded major systems and parts. It can add a touch of functionality or flair to make your bike unique.

Color Matched 4.5-inch Stretched Extended Saddlebags [Look!]

Made for various Harley-Davidson touring models from the 1990s to today, these saddlebags are a combo of elegant style offset by practical functionality. They redefine the basic shape of a bike by giving it a broader back end, which gives the front a new perspective of scale, making it seem slightly minimalistic. The bags also tote tons of items handy for long rides.

Covingtons Customs 1-inch Rear Lowering Kit [Look!]

Some bikers like the look of a motorcycle that sits lower to the ground than most, but this lowering kit from Covingtons has a practical side too: it makes it easier for bikers to firmly ground their feet. Planting one foot on each side of the saddle is usually what keeps a bike upright during pauses at traffic stops. Made for Harley-Davidson touring models from 2009 to today, this kit is another gift that pairs style and functionality, each of them in subtle capacity.

Cruise Control Upgrades [Look!]

It may not mean much to bikers who log most of their miles on a grid of congested city streets, where traffic starts and stops like rain from thin cloud cover, but for those who ride the open road, cruise control is a luxury. It reduces physical stress by removing the need to apply the gas. It can keep you motoring at a legal speed, so that speed trap cops won’t pull you over or make you panic and turn up the speed, depending on what you have in your saddlebags.

Kuryakyn Sabertooth L.E.D. Saddlebag Accents

If you need a gift for a rider whose altered bike barely resembles its stock model image, these L.E.D. saddlebag accents from Kuryakyn may be the best option in our gifts for motorcycle riders guide. Despite their minimalist design, they draw attention as they light up the night.

Give a Motorcycle Gift to Remember

The motorcycle gift ideas in this guide are just a few of our products that our customers find flawless. Like everything we sell, their perfect fitment is guaranteed, which means that it looks as if a factory did the job. It’s a part of what makes them great gifts for serious bikers, who enjoy customizing their bikes with parts from the best brands. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or some special bikers in your life, make this Spring special with motorcycle gifts from West End Motorsports!