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Inspect Your New Parts & Accessories Before Installation

Inspect Your New Parts & Accessories Before Installation

Posted by Wiley Moody on Oct 11, 2018

At West End Motorsports, we encourage our customers to do their own wrenching on their motorcycle. This can be very satisfying as a rider knowing you can do your own work, but also saving you money you would have spent at your local motorcycle shop. We have decided to add some helpful tips in ordering and installing your own parts.

There are a few things we suggest when ordering and receiving your parts and accessories.

West End Motorsports guarantees fitment on the products we sell when you call us to order over the phone. This process only works if you know unequivocally what year, make and model your motorcycle is. If there is any doubt, you can bring your VIN to your local dealership and they would be able to tell you. We suggest you purchase the factory manual that goes along with your motorcycle so you will be able to follow the procedures and know the proper technical knowledge you'll need to work on your own machine.

man riding a harley davidson motorcycle

Gather all of your parts together before tearing down your motorcycle. If there is an issue in obtaining your parts, you don't want to be stuck with a disassembled motorcycle while you wait for your parts.

Check all part numbers before removing them from their packaging to verify the parts your ordered are the correct parts. If not, then exchanging them is easy at this point.

Inspect all parts thoroughly before installation. If there are imperfections, dents or scratches, they must be documented and reported to West End Motorsports before installation. Once parts are installed the motorcycle, the part can not be returned. Of course, manufacturers defects can be warranted and will be honored within the warranty timeframe of the manufacturer. This also pertains to exhaust systems. Once exhaust systems are installed we can no longer return or exchange them. 

Ordering electrical components need special attention since they can not be returned. Check your application and your make and model to be double sure of the parts you are buying.

West End Motorsports has a 100% Fitment Guarantee. When you call us and tell one of our Sale Reps the correct make and model of your motorcycle, we guarantee fitment on the parts we sell to you. We go over the fitment to insure you get the right parts the first time. If you have any doubts concerning fitment whatsoever, please call us weekdays so we can confidently get you the proper parts & accessories.

Verify, gather, inspect, and obtain the knowledge to install your components and you'll be back out in the wind with a smile on your face (and bugs in your teeth).