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How To Measure For A Windshield

How To Measure For A Windshield

Posted by West End Motorsports on May 12, 2017

2 black motorcycles in front of large measuring tape

Windshields can help add miles to your ride by providing protection and comfort as long as it's the right size for you. When ordering a windshield, it's important to know the correct height that matches your height and your motorcycle. A shield that is too short will offer less protection and possible wind buffeting (turbulence behind the windshield). A windshield that is too tall will be almost impossible to see through when it rains or becomes fouled with bugs. Remember you don't have a windshield wiper to clear water or debris.

Drawing of motorcycle rider with an arrow from eyes to above windshield

The proper height of your windshield should come right up to the tip of your nose or just underneath. This allows you to see over the top of your windshield and allows the wind to be blown over your head.

How To Measure For A Windshield

To achieve proper measurement, it helps to have an assistant hold the tape measure for you to get your overall height. The starting measurement is from the top of the headlight housing up to the tip of your nose while following the angle of the front end.

Extended measuring tape laid on sketch of man on motorcycle

This procedure also works with measuring for a windshield on a fairing. The starting measurement is at the top of the fairing to the tip of your nose. 

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