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Biggest Motorcycle Engine - The Triumph Rocket 3

Biggest Motorcycle Engine - The Triumph Rocket 3

Oct 1, 2019

For so many years, motorcycle manufacturers have always strived to produce high-performance engines for the ever-growing number of motorcycle enthusiasts. True to this spirit, is the love for sheer power, speed, and presence among both beginner and experienced bikers. Today, the riding masses even get something more extraordinary, unique, and legendary in the Triumph Rocket 3 - the motorcycle with the world’s biggest production engine at 2500cc.

With stunning riding experienced that’s unmatched on two wheels, the Triumph Rocket 3 delivers stunning acceleration and performance, combined with phenomenal handling and a commanding ride. Here, we dig in into this amazing bike:

Two Versions Available - Rocket 3 R & Rocket 3 GT

Fifteen years since the original Triumph Rocket 3 bike was introduced into the biking world, this pure-muscle bike now comes vastly improved with essentially all-new models for 2020. Two versions of the Rocket 3 will be available - the Rocket 3 R Roadster and the Rocket 3 GT cruiser or tourer. The GT comes with adjustable feet-forward footrests while the R comes with mid-position footrests. With the biggest motorcycle engine, other details are also finely tuned.

The Rocket 3 R gets a sportier-looking handlebar bend while the GT gets a touring-style handlebar. The GT gets roomier seating but is almost an inch lower than the R, with a passenger backrest, a slightly taller bike flyscreen, adjustable passenger legs, and heated handlebar grips. Both Rockets come in Phantom Black, with the 3 R also available in Korosi Red. The GT has two options - two-tone Silver Ice & Storm Grey that also include a Korosi Red pinstripe decal.

Power and Performance

The Triumph boasts the world’s largest production motorcycle engine, promising tremendous performance with even more torque. Boasting a capacity of 2500cc and peak power of 164 HP, the new Rocket 3 delivers a massive amount of torque at 163 LB-FT - the highest of any production bike today. Acceleration is unparalleled, producing a smooth and incredibly responsive ride. The bike is largely defined by its magnificent style and muscular presence.

This Rocket 3 combines the highest level of specification and innovative technology with proven comfort for all-day easy riding. It offers a thrilling ride with massive power from lows of 3500 rpm to highs of up to 7000 rpm. The trail-brazing 163 LB-FT torque is 71% higher than the closest competition. Combined with the bike’s power and overall chassis set-up, the Triumph is, without doubt, the biggest motorcycle engine with acceleration from 0-62 mph in 2.89 seconds.

Hydroformed Three-Header Exhaust

Both the Rocket 3 R and Rocket 3 GT come with the beautifully designed and iconic hydroformed three-header exhaust that runs in distinctive design detail. The exhaust system is innovatively engineered to ensure the perfect routing, flowing from the header into the combined cat box and finally to the triple-exit silencer.

The result is a deep growling triple sound that will impress you in every way. The exhaust system features the all-new and perfected brushed exhaust heat shields and refined end caps as well as a distinctive triple-exit silencer for that amazing sound.

High-Performance Gearbox and Torque Assist

The biggest motorcycle engine relies on a high-performance 6-speed gearbox (helical-cut) that is designed to deliver smoother, lighter, and stronger performance than your standard motorcycle gearbox. This all-new gearbox for the Triumph Rocket 3 line-up is engineered specifically to allow riders to enjoy the increased torque capacity of this pace-setting motorcycle.

To increase riding comfort and control over Triumph’s performance, this bike features an innovative hydraulic clutch for torque-assist that provides riders with a lighter clutch feel-action by significantly reducing the clutch level effort required when riding. The all-new Rocket 3 is simply the genesis of a new motorcycle legend.

New Chassis to Handle the Powerful Performance

The bike's frame and swingarm are made of aluminum, making it lighter than the Rocket III frame. Even with the biggest motorcycle engine, the Rocket 3 is 88 pounds lighter than the Rocket III. The high-end suspension is from Showa with a beefy 47mm inverted front fork that comes with fully adjustable damping (not spring preload). The piggyback shock is also fully adjustable for a more comfortable ride.

The Rocket 3 comes with all-around high-end Brembo calipers with the newest range of Stylema monoblock graspers that take care of the twin 320mm brake discs in the front. The new Avon Cobra Chrome tires easily handle the weight and power of this massive bike, with the front tire at 150/80 x 17 and the huge and wide, low-profile rear tire at 240/50 x 16. The chassis is entirely designed to ensure maximum stability.

Full Suite of Ride Enhancing Technology Plus Extras

Apart from having the biggest motorcycle engine, the Triumph Rocket 3 comes fully equipped with a suite of ride-enhancing technology that ensures phenomenal handling and a comfortable ride. The technology available includes:

  • Second generation TFT instruments with perfectly illuminated switch cubes
  • Four riding modes - road, sport, rain, and rider configurable
  • Optimized cornering ABS and traction control
  • Cruise control
  • All-LED lighting
  • Keyless ignition
  • Hill-hold control
  • Heated grips as standard on the GT - heated grips are an accessory fit on the R

Additional accessories include the new “Highway” inspiration kit that extends touring capability for the adventurous spirit. A comprehensive luggage range is also available with all-new accessories for enhanced practicality, comfort, security, and style.

Shop Custom Motorcycle Parts and Accessories

If you’re looking forward to buying a truly unique bike with the biggest motorcycle engine, check out the new Triumph Rocket 3 line-up. While the bike offers pretty much everything that any biking enthusiast would ask for, from magnificent style, incredible handling, and acceleration, amazing torque to a smooth and responsive ride, there is always a bit more you can do to personalize your riding style and comfort.

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