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Best Motorcycle Road Trips in the U.S

Best Motorcycle Road Trips in the U.S

Dec 18, 2019

If you’re an avid biker, you’ve probably experienced the unique satisfaction of touring the great roads on a cruiser motorcycle. It’s all about freedom, fun, and adventuring through popular vistas, twists, smooth tarmac roads, and turnouts. Whether you’re an experienced cruiser bike rider or a beginner looking to have the perfect road trip, the experience of road touring on your favorite V-twin motorcycle is unmatched.

There are numerous road trips across the U.S. and multiple biker-friendly stops along the way that allow you the opportunity to enjoy beautiful sceneries. Road tripping on a motorcycle is one of the best ways to come closer to the beauty of this incredible country. Below are the top five routes across the USA to explore for an unforgettable motorcycle road trip.

Pacific Coast Highway, California

Whether you ride through the entire road or a portion of it, there are plenty of incredible spots to see on this most scenic route. A journey through the 655-mile road takes you through beautiful places like Big Sur, San Diego, Monterey, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. The two-lane highway hugs redwood forests, beaches, cliffs, world-class restaurants, and sleepy seaside towns. A  motorcycle windshield is a must-have to protect yourself against the windy conditions.

Along the ribbon of winding and undulating roads, riders experience thrilling and contended steering. The sheer drop-offs, hairpin turns, heavy morning fog and sparkling blue ocean make cruising challenging for riders, keeping them alert. Nonetheless, riders on this route can be assured of a relaxed motorcycle road trip on the easy-to-ride portions of this scenic highway.

Route 66

For many riders, riding a motorcycle across America routes cannot be enjoyable if you miss going through Route 66. Also known as the "Mother Road," the 2,400-mile road stretching from Chicago to Santa Monica is the most original and famous landmark in the region. A ride through the road takes you down memory lane, transporting you back to a world of neon signs and drive-ins.

Route 66 passes through eight states and presents incredible activities in the many biker-friendly stops. Safety is paramount on such long road trips, so get yourself the right  riding gear, including a quality helmet, jacket, and boots before starting your trip. Better to be prepared for anything rather than regret not having the right protective gear on the road.

The Beartooth Highway

Riding across the Beartooth Highway is a perfect definition of what great motorcycle road trips involve. The 68-mile highway starts at Red Lodge, Montana, cutting across Custer, Gallatin, and Shoshone National Forest and ends up in Cooke City, giving riders easy access to Yellowstone National Park. Named as the National Scenic Byways, the highway allows visitors a rare opportunity to explore the amazing views of pristine alpine lakes, glacially carved peaks, lush forests, vibrant wildflowers, and a great variety of wildlife.

Deals Gap in Tennessee

Referred to as the Tail of the Dragon, this route is not about beautiful sceneries and natural landmarks like the Pacific Highway or Route 66 motorcycle road trips. Next to the border of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, the Deals Gap is a perfect destination for testing your cornering skills. With 318 curves throughout the 11 miles stretch, riders are always on their toes riding sideways.

But like any other road trip on a motorcycle across America routes, the Deals Gap presents amazing views of the green mountains and vibrant forests. Considering the numerous curves on this route, your bike and  motorcycle tires should be in top condition.

Going to the Sun Road, Montana

This 50-mile stretch is on every ambitious rider's bucket list. The thrilling rides along the twists and turns give motorbike enthusiasts a lifetime experience rather than a simple motorcycle road trip. Beginning at the Glacier National Park, the road climbs about 3,000 feet from Lake McDonald to the Logan Pass at more than 6,000 feet.

However, you must plan your trip carefully to have a close view of the enchanting sceneries on your way to Jackson Glacier Overlook. Carry your camera and the necessary extras for stopovers along the way. A perfectly-sized  saddlebag or tour pack will keep your things safe.

Customize Your Motorcycle for the Perfect Road Trip

riders on a touring trip

Going on a motorcycle road trip is one of the most exciting things you can do. Prepare yourself in advance by getting your V-twin cruiser bike-ready. Shop  customizable motorcycle parts and accessories that you can install on your bike at West End Motorsports. Find the best aftermarket seats to improve riding comfort, protective riding gear, LED lights to improve visibility, exhaust kits to personalize the sound of your bike, and other parts online.

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