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6 Tips For How To Prevent Motorcycle Theft

6 Tips For How To Prevent Motorcycle Theft

Oct 24, 2019

Just because your bike has never been stolen before, it doesn’t mean that it can’t happen today. All types of motorcycles; expensive sport bikes, custom cruisers, adventure bikes, and even beat-up motorcycles are stolen each day from all sorts of locations. Motorcycle thieves are getting more creative when it comes to stealing bikes and will go to great lengths to ensure success.

Rider-gathering places like motorcycle races, shows, rallies, charity rides, and even your own gated yard are often the most common targets for thieves. So, if you want to learn how to prevent motorcycle theft, you need to effectively protect your motorcycle. Here are six tactics that would really help:

Invest in a Motorcycle Anti-Theft Alarm

Motorcycle with anti-theft alarm to prevent theft

While an alarm alone won’t prevent motorcycle theft, they can deter thieves. Today, manufacturers are developing more sophisticated security alarms to prevent motorcycle theft. An alarm will let you know when anyone is messing with your motorcycle. So long as it plays the role of alerting you when needed, it can be a good starting point in securing your motorcycle.

Install a Fork or Disc Brake Lock

Motorcycle with brake lock

Protect your motorcycle by investing in a disc brake lock or fork lock. These locks are fairly portable and are an inexpensive option when it comes to learning how to prevent motorcycle theft. Disc brake and fork locks ensure that your bike can't be moved in either direction. You can either opt for a starter lock that offer standard protection or go for a more advanced lock that features a hardened steel brick, a high-decibel alarm, and a 3-D motion sensor.

Use a Hidden Motorcycle Kill Switch

Motorcycle in empty parking garage

If your bike doesn't come with a kill switch, then you should install one. Installing a hidden kill switch will require an extra step to start your motorcycle. You can have the kill switch wired or use a spring-loaded switch that has to be held down when the start button is pressed. A simple investment like this can easily prevent motorcycle theft when combined with other proven methods.

Invest in a Motorcycle Theft Prevention GPS

fancy bmw motorcycle rider

Another simple step on how to prevent motorcycle theft is installing a permanent, hidden GPS tracker on your motorcycle. The last thing you want is having your bike stolen and wondering how you’re going to look for it. With a GPS device on your motorcycle, it means that you, with the help of police, can track it down in minutes instead of days, weeks, or never at all. You may even get a discount on your insurance premium for having a GPS tracker installed.

Lock Your Motorcycle to Something Heavy

Motorcycle locked to heavy item to prevent theft

If you’re going to be away from your motorcycle for an extended period of time, it’s wise to anchor it to a stationary or heavy immovable object. While you may have all the locks for your bike and think you understand how to prevent motorcycle theft, determined bike thieves can find ways to hoist your bike into an awaiting truck. Get a thick motorcycle locking chain or a cable lock along with a heavy-duty padlock that’s resistant to bolt-cutters, and lock your motorcycle to something solid. Do this even inside garages to prevent motorcycle theft.

Be Vigilant

Professional thieves will find the bikes they want to steal by simply following them to where they’re parked during the day or night. They’ll surveil the area and come back with whatever they need to steal the motorcycle. Some are opportunistic thieves who will see an unsecured bike or an easy pick on the streets or an unsecured location and steal it. It’s important to always be vigilant when you’re riding around or when you park your bike anywhere.

concerned rider with helmet

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