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10 Creature Comforts for the Road

10 Creature Comforts for the Road

Posted by Wiley Moody on Aug 20, 2019

You have mastered the basic elements of what to bring and what to leave behind when touring on your motorcycle. The next thing to plan for is your comfort and piece of mind. Each rider should have a custom list of essentials to get you from Point A to Point B, safe and sound. But like Ralph Waldo Emerson said, life Is a journey, not a destination. Having a few comforts on the road can make or break a ride in my opinion. Below is a list to get you on the road to to a better ride.

bunch of riders going on a road trip

1. Have a Plan; In the event of a break down, a good Roadside Assistance Plan specific to motorcycles is something that will go a long way to ease your mind when you're many miles way from home. Check out the plan from the American Motorcycle Association.

2. Keep in Touch;Bluetooth Communication system will let you converse easily with your passenger and or with the whole pack. No worries if someone falls behind or needs to find a gas station.

Bluetooth Communication system

3. Speaking Of Gas Stations...; When you're out of gas, pushing your bike to the nearest gas station may not be an option. A quality gas siphon will let you "borrow" some fuel from a riding buddy and get you off of the shoulder.

4. OR...Bring your own gas with you with a Reda Innovations 1 Gallon Fuel Can that fits for Most Harley Davidson Style Hard Saddlebags.

saddlemen saddlebag with reda gas can

5. Stay Dry; Being dry keeps you comfortable and staves off hypothermia in chilly/wet conditions. A quality motorcycle rain suit will stand up to the wind and not rip apart like cheap rain suits not made for the application.

6. Easy Access; A tank bag is great for stowing all of your critical essentials to keep them at your fingertips. A tank bag with a clear viewing window lets you view a real map in case there is no cell reception. Other items like glasses, gloves, earplugs, and snacks will be right in front of you for you convenience.

Harley Davidson tank bag

7. Cheers! There's nothing like cruising along a crisp mountain ridge line and enjoying a mug full of your favorite warm beverage. Cup/Drink holders come in many shapes and sizes and some with integral mugs to keep your drink hot or cold.

8. Don't Miss a Thing; As the world flies by as you cruise the highways and byways of our world, there are a lot of things that go by in a hurry. To make sure you have a memory to share later, capture the moments with a Sena 10C Pro Motorcycle Bluetooth helmet camera.

9. Get in the Hot Seat; One thing that can extend a chilly ride is a heated seat. Most can be dialed in to the heat range you desire and lets you feel relaxed in the face of extreme weather conditions.

This heated motorcycle seat adds creature comfort to the ride when the weather is cold.

10. Get out of the Hot Seat; Cruising on a hot summer day, the inside of your right thigh can bake from the heat coming off of the exhaust system. A simple solution are the bolt on Saddle Shields, that shield you from the extreme heat letting you enjoy your summer ride a little longer!

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