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Biltwell Inc. Mushman Footpegs -H-D Male Mount -Raw Polished

SKU: 1620-1127
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Biltwell Inc. Mushman Footpegs -H-D Male Mount -Raw Polished
Foot peg body is constructed of investment-cast stainless-steel. Investment-cast chromoly steel, tumble finish with chrome plating.

Stainless-steel Allen cap hardware (clevis pivot pin/bolt and associated hardware not included).

The male clevises on all Biltwell foot pegs retrofits to female (fork style) clevis mount on late-model Harley-Davidson mid- and forward-foot controls, as well as select custom and aftermarket applications.

The foot peg then rotates on the Biltwell clevis shaft so you can fine-tune the angle of your peg.

After adjusting angle, add a drop of Loc-Tite to the threads on the supplied Allen cap screw and tighten securely.

The design and proportions of our Mushman Moto Pegs takes inspiration from high-tech cast titanium units on modern MX machines.
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