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Zippers 472 Red Shift Cam for '17-Up Harley-Davidson Milwaukee-Eight

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Zippers 472 Red Shift Cam for '17-Up Harley-Davidson Milwaukee-Eight

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Red Shift 472 Bolt-in Cam for 2017-up Milwaukee-Eight Engines #413-820 

The Red Shift Cam 472 for the Milwaukee-Eight engine, a bolt-in grind for 114, 117 & larger Hot Rod Milwaukee-Eight engines offers effortless acceleration upon installation. The Red Shift 472 is designed to work with factory valvetrain components, as well as modified heads with upgraded spring / valve combinations and porting. The Red Shift 472 is designed to be a mid-range to top-end cam, but its unique timing maintains nice low-end torque. The Red Shift 472 really shines in 114 inch and larger engines which are modified with slightly more compression and air demand. Designed to enhance the unique cylinder head layout of the Milwaukee-Eight engine, the 472 is a great companion to the extremely successful 468 cam. The 472 provides a different ride experience -- if you like to stay in the throttle till red line, the 472 will get you there very quickly! Cranking compression is only slightly increase over factory for easy starting, and proprietary Red Shift Cams ramp design delivers quiet operation and long valvetrain life.

  • Bolt-in Camshaft for strong mid-range to top-end power, while retaining low end torque
  • Works with stock or modified heads and throttle bodies
  • Fast acceleration, Muscle kit class pulling power, even with unmodified head
  • Easy to ride slow, very impressive mid-range torque & top end HP
  • Wide, Flat Torque curve with no dips from 2,000 RPM on
  • Similar cranking compression to stock
  • Made in USA

Note: This item should be installed by a qualified motorcycle technician.