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TAB Performance 4 inch BAM Sticks Tip Compatible Slip On Mufflers for '95-16 Harley Davidson Touring Models and '17-Up Trike - Black

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TAB Performance 4 inch BAM Sticks Tip Compatible Slip On Mufflers for '95-16 Harley Davidson Touring Models and '17-Up Trike - Black

TAB Performance 4 inch BAM Sticks Tip Compatible Slip On Mufflers for '95-16 Harley Davidson Touring Models and '17-Up Trike - Black

If you're looking to shake up the streets with a more husky sound, the TAB Performance 4” BAM Sticks for Harley Touring models ‘95-16 are the answer to your dreams. These slip-on mufflers are 4" in diameter and can be customized with a loud 2.5" standard baffle choice, or the loudest of them all—the TAB Zombie Baffle. Get the Harley Davidson roar you've always wanted with these black TAB Performance 4” BAM Sticks now.

Unmatched Style & Sound

These tip-compatible slip-on mufflers provide you with double-digit gains in horsepower on your stock Harley Touring bike when properly tuned. Choose from 4 tip selections that allow for the most personalized look and sound every time you cruise.

Order these high-performance slip-on mufflers with TAB Zombie Baffles from our online store to enjoy powerful sound, unique style, and ultimate durability. Here are the features:

  • Tip-compatible stick design with removable baffle core
  • Unique louvered core that produces a deep, rich, and throaty tone
  • 8-12 horsepower increase over your stock exhaust
  • Easy to install within minutes using basic hand tools
  • Comes with high-quality tips and baffle of your choice
  • Enjoy a Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in the USA

Order Customizable Bike Parts Online

Give your Harley Davidson ‘96-16 a new custom look with TAB Performance Zombie Baffles from West End Motorsports today. For even more bike upgrades, don’t forget to browse the rest of our website. We bring you top aftermarket customizable motorcycle parts for your Harley Davidson, including exhausts kits, windshields, fairings, seats, and tires.

Order your BAM Stick with the TAB Zombie Baffle online and enjoy free shipping on all orders over $99 plus guaranteed fitment.

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