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Red Shift Complete Build Your Own Cam Kit 468 & 472 Cams '17-Up M-Eight Engine (Cam Plate and Oil Pump Options)


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Red Shift Complete Build Your Own Cam Kit 468 & 472 Cams '17-Up M-Eight Engine (Cam Plate and Oil Pump Options)

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The 468 bolt-in grind cam for 107, 114 and 117″ Milwaukee-Eight® engines delivers significant improvements in power and throttle response right where you ride. The Red Shift 468 is designed to compliment the 4-valve heads’ high intake flow while its unique design overcomes the restrictive exhaust port for big gains in both torque and horsepower. The 468 provides instant acceleration below 2,000 RPM while pulling strong to 6,000 – really shining in the 2,000-4,000 RPM cruising range. Cranking compression is unchanged for easy starting, and proprietary Red Shift Cams® ramp design delivers quiet operation and long valvetrain life. Works well with the factory Touring header pipe as well as aftermarket racing exhaust systems.

The 472 for the Milwaukee-Eight® is a bolt-in grind for 114, 117 & larger Hot Rod Milwaukee-Eight® engines. The Red Shift 472 is designed to work with factory valvetrain components, as well as modified heads with upgraded spring / valve combinations and porting. The Red Shift 472 is designed to be a mid-range to top-end cam, but its unique timing maintains low-end torque. The Red Shift 472 really shines in 114 inch and larger engines which are modified with slightly more compression and air demand. Designed to enhance the unique cylinder head layout of the Milwaukee-Eight® engine, the 472 is a great companion to the extremely successful 468 cam. The 472 provides a different ride experience — if you like to stay in the throttle till red line, the 472 will get you there very quickly! Cranking compression is only slightly increase over factory for easy starting, and proprietary Red Shift Cams® ramp design delivers quiet operation and long valvetrain life.

S&S Quickee Pushrods

Quickee Pushrods eliminate the need to remove the top end and cooling lines saving time and money.

  • Kits include four S&S adjustable pushrods or Quickee pushrods, four pushrod covers, O-rings
  • Pushrods are manufactured from chromoly steel for superior strength
  • Pushrod covers have a chrome-plated or gloss black finish
  • Installation does not require the removal of the rocker boxes
  • Made in the U.S.A.

S&S Tappets

The S&S Cycle Precision Tappets replace both our standard as well as premium lifters for big twins M8 and late Sportster® applications. Each Precision Lifter is hand assembled to exacting tolerances and designed for quiet operation and rapid pump up and all are made in the USA.

  • Reduced valve train noise from start up to shut down
  • Close tolerances for low leak down rates
  • Fast pump up and superior high rpm performance

S&S Tappet Cuffs

Make sure when you're upgrading performance in your engine that you're using premium parts! The Harley-Davidson OEM tappet guides are constructed of plastic and are at risk for allowing the tappets to twist under heavy stress. S&S Tappet Cuffs capture the tappets without impacting vertical motion and keeping them perfectly aligned, even in high stress, high RPM situations.

S&S Cam Plate and Oil Pump Kit

Building an engine? The stock oil pump and cam support plate need to be addressed! Harley-Davidson engines benefit well from the increased oil pressure and flow. The increased flow provides added cooling capability and thorough lubrication of critical components. The 20% flow increase on supply side and 52% flow increase on scavenge side outperforms the stock set up and works great with stock or modified engines. Precision machined from Billet Aluminum and has S&S's signature Blue Anodized Finish.

The demand of today's powerful engines need quality components with the latest in modern technology. The S&S Cycle Oil Pump and Cam Support Plate Kit features Independent Scavenge Sections for Flywheel Cavity and Cam Chest. Also included are Debris Screens in both scavenge pickups and Magnet in cam chest to help prevent debris from entering pump.

For ease of maintenance, the Adjustable Pressure Relief Valve can be adjusted with unit in engine. The Passage Plugs are removable for Servicing to keep you on the road longer. And of course, S&S components are all made in USA

  • S&S Cycle Oil Pump and Cam Support Plate Kit for Harley Davidson Milwaukee Eight Engines
  • Made for Water cooled or Oil Cooled Engines
  • SKU 0932-0213 for Water Cooled or (Twin Cooled M-Eight Engines)
  • SKU 0932-0214 for Oil Cooled Engines (Oil Cooled Engines)
  • Made in USA