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Frequently Asked Questions


Order Status

At West End Motorsports, we do everything we can to get you the item(s) you order as soon as possible! Most items ordered from are shipped out within 1-2 business days. All other orders ship out within 3-5 business days and never ship out later then 10 business days after you order (without prior notification of the delay). When the item is not "in-stock" at our Pennsylvania warehouse, we order it on your behalf from one of over 21 other warehouses and distributors around the country. Not all products are available from all warehouses so a combination of availability and location of the warehouse determine when your order will ship or how long it will take to get to you. We may ship to you from our facility in Pennsylvania or have the item shipped to you directly from a manufacturer or closer warehouse.

Drop-Shipments (items shipped to you from another location) are not always possible (depending on the product) and usually cost an additional fee (they always cost us an additional fee!). In certain situations we may elect to Drop-Ship an item to you for free but are under no obligation to do so. Feel free to call ahead of time to inquire about drop-shipments. Items that ship out of our Pennsylvania facility have little to no delay shipping out.

Single item orders ship out the day the item arrives at our facility- They never sit in our warehouse! For multiple item orders, we typically wait until all the items arrive at our facility before shipping. We may (and often do when possible) split your order into multiple shipments but are not obligated to do so for free. If you do request multiple shipments, we will inform you then if additional charges apply. If you need your order by a certain date, give us a call...We can tell you when to expect your order via standard shipping and discuss possible options for expedited shipping when possible or needed!

Tracking Information

When your order ships, we supply the generated UPS or USPS tracking information in the email address you supplied in your order. The best way to insure you receive and can easily access your orders is to make a West End Motorsports Account. Your order history is there along with your tracking numbers.


A "back order" occurs when the manufacturer of a product is out of stock on the item and so are all of the distributors and retailers that sell it. (I.E. No one has the item in stock or available to them). If we inform you that a product is on back order, it is not just on back order with our company - it is back ordered on a national scale through all other retailers, distributors, and the manufacturer. This is an extremely common problem in the motorcycle industry and here's why: There are over 100 different cruiser models with thousands of unique parts and accessories. Manufactures cannot possibly make all the part numbers at once so they schedule batch productions. Manufactures make a certain number of a certain part number during a scheduled period of time before moving on to a different part. If the manufacturer miscalculates demand, they can very easily run out of a product before it is scheduled to be made again. Very high demand, very low demand, and issues during the manufacturing process can also cause delays. Whatever the cause, back orders are extremely common and can range anywhere from a few days to a few months- (We'll let you know what to expect!).

So what should you do if a part I want is backordered? Order it as soon as possible! The reason? Back orders are filled in order, on a first-come/first-serve basis- If you are the first to order then you are the first to receive. When you elect to simply wait for a part to come off back order, you are actually waiting for the manufacturer to deliver the part to everyone who already had it on order FIRST and then have stock left over parts to sell to the public - i.e. You!

Do I Need A Tuner With Slip On Mufflers?

You do not need a Fuel Tuner if you are only adding slip on mufflers. If you add a high flow air cleaner kit, a performance header, or both, then you will need to tune your engine to keep from running to lean. You will also need to tune if you are adding a full exhaust system as well.

Military and First Responders Discounts

Military and First Responders Discounts are available for personnel of the United States only. We ask that you please Create an Account on our website and then contact us after you have completed that. We then will add a permanent discount to your account and you can see the prices change in your favor when you log on.


We can ship any parts & accessories to California. Emission controlled accessories can take at least 5 days in shipping time to arrive to you.


It's pronounced "Curry-Ah-Kin"

Is Mike There?

Yes, he is! However, he's probably on the phone. Let one of our friendly reps help you with any questions or you may hold and he will pick up as soon as he's available.



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