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Darkhorse Man O-War Motorsprocket (34T) System for ‘17-Up Harley-Davidson Milwaukee 8 Models

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Darkhorse Man O-War Motorsprocket (34T) System for ‘17-Up Harley-Davidson Milwaukee 8 Models

The Darkhorse Man O-War Motorsprocket (34T) System is a pioneering performance-engineered primary motor sprocket designed to seamlessly replace the OEM Compensator on '17-present Milwaukee 8® models. This aftermarket motor sprocket guarantees instant torque response and features an exceptional "engine pulse absorbing cushion drive" primary drive system. Its design, backed by rigorous testing, ensures unparalleled longevity, outlasting OEM compensating sprockets while enhancing rider comfort. Say goodbye to the jarring noise and harshness of conventional one-piece solid motor sprockets and embrace a smoother ride with this 34T sprocket.

Elevate Your Ride With a Superior Performance Upgrade

There are countless reasons why riders would opt for the Darkhorse Man O-War Motorsprocket (34T) System upgrade. The Man O-War is not just another temporary solution; it's a worthy performance investment. Its innovative design allows owners to rebuild and service the unit right in its place. This contrasts starkly with the expensive compensators that mandate total replacement. Once you equip your Harley-Davidson TwinCam® or M8® model with the Man O-War, you're set for the long haul - it's the only motor sprocket you'll ever need to purchase.

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Fitment: Fits '17 - present M8® Touring models & Softail® '18 - present (Except Models FLFB, FLFBS, FXBR, FXBRS, FXDR)

*Disclaimer: Due to "Factory starting phase assignment" you may experience starting issues combining the Man O-War Motorsprocket with "easy start cams" The ECM looks for crankshaft "deceleration" to determine phase for F & R cylinder timing assignments. Please be aware that we do not recommend using both of these products together as it may very well lead to starting issues.