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Cobra FI2000R Digital Fuel Processor Open Loop Modelfor Dyna '91-05 NOT Utilizing Oxygen Sensors

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Cobra FI2000R Digital Fuel Processor Open Loop Modelfor Dyna '91-05 NOT Utilizing Oxygen Sensors

Simple Plug-n-Play Installation That Improves Overall Rideability Immediately

A word from Cobra...Nearly every Harley-Davidson motorcycle can benefit with the installation of the Fi2000R. Better throttle response, no backfiring, and smoother cruising are just a few of the areas improved by the Fi2000R. When your H-D engine has the proper air/fuel ratio metered to it, it can perform to its potential, run cooler and be a much more satisfying ride.

• The Fi2000R functions the same as the standard Fi2000 but the R version comes with connectors that snap directly into the bike's fuel injector bodies, making installation even easier

• Operates with three preset adjustment screws called Pots:
Pot 1 and 2: adjust low speed and mid-range settings that should take care of most lean air/fuel mixture problems
Pot 3: is for high range settings and functions much like a main jet on a carburetor (This third tuning option is for use with engines that have high flow air filters, extensive modifications such as big-bore kits, higher compression or other performance increases where more fuel is required in order for the engine to run properly in full-throttle positions.)

• Because the Fi2000R is designed to eliminate the low rpm lean air/fuel mixtures (just like the Fi2000), it does not increase maximum horsepower, though in most cases it does provide a smoother power curve and improved rideability across a wide rpm range

• Installs quickly and easily and comes with detailed tuning instructions (There are no computer settings to make nor Internet downloads to configure)

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