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Add Your Own Audio System With West End's Hoppe "Nakedzilla" Fairing

Add Your Own Audio System With West End's Hoppe "Nakedzilla" Fairing

Posted by on Feb 24, 2017


Ever heard of the Nakedzilla before? You haven't. Working with our friends at Hoppe Industries, we were able to bring a new product concept to life and satisfy the demands of our customers.

Another exclusive from West End Motorsports, the Hoppe "Nakedzilla" is a fairing we put together for the rider who wishes to build their own audio system. The Nakedzilla features Hoppe's quality hand laid fiberglass outer shell protected by a black gel coat that's ready to paint or ready to ride. The inner fairing has all the necessary cutouts for 5" speakers and a stereo system.

Nakedzilla Fairing

The fairing mounts are already attached to the fairing. The only requirement is that your bike must have the OEM windshield mounts for the fairing to snap into. The fairing is detachable and can be removed for maintenance or just if you want more wind!


Add a Hoppe acrylic DOT Approved windshield for $49.95 (5" Dark and 12" Tint $59.95) to finish off your project. Guaranteed to fit your Hoppe fairing, the windshields come in 5", 8", 10", 12" sizes and are available in clear or tint. The exception is the 5" Dark which is a translucent black that a low, mean look.


We dubbed ourselves the Kings Of Convenience for one reason, we put packages and kits together to make shopping as easy as possible for you the customer. We put everything you need into one package so you don't have to jump around looking for all the pieces separately. One stop shopping.

The logo of The Kings of Convenience, featuring their  Easy, One Stop Shopping  stop sign.

Hoppe makes the finest aftermarket fairings in the world. Make no mistake about it, you will be 100% satisfied with the quality and the look. And letting you be able to add your own stereo components is something customers have been wanting for a long time. The time has come.

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