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Cobra Short Swept Exhaust for '13-14 FXSB/SE Models -Chrome

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Cobra Short Swept Exhaust for '13-14 FXSB/SE Models -Chrome

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PowerPort crossover makes for a significant power increase from just off idle to redline, which leads to a deep and aggressive exhaust tone

PowerPort increases power and overall performance by providing superior scavenging of exhaust gases over most standard exhaust systems; similar to what you might expect from a 2-into-1 system

Large 2.5", 222°, full-length heat shields fit from the exhaust ports to the billet tips for a seamless look and no bluing

Show-chrome or black finished heat shields with beautifully machined chrome billet end caps for a truly custom finish

Includes mounting hardware and removable baffles for simple installation

Power with social responsibility

Made in the U.S.A.

NOTE: The Swept exhaust requires the removal of the right-side passenger footpeg; optional relocation bracket curves up from under the pipe to relocate the peg in the proper position.