Show Chrome Luggage Rack for Honda F6B - Smoke

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Show Chrome Luggage Rack for Honda F6B - Smoke

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Show Chrome gives the Honda F6B a true Tour Luggage Rack.

This rack is custom designed to match the graceful lines of the F6B and mounts with either the OEM or Big Bike Parts 52-830M mount.

The Big Bike Parts 52-830M mount is used to mount either the rack or backrest or both, so if the OEM mount is in place the mount is not required.

This Tour Rack is available in either Show Chrome Accessories bright chrome or their exclusive dark Smoke chrome finish.

This rack is a generous 18-¾ inches x 12 inches (approximately 6-½ inches wider and 2 inches longer than OEM) and accommodates large luggage tour bags such as UltraGard’s 4-603 and Hopnel’s H50-106BK Tour Rack Luggage Bags.

52-830M Mount Hardware Adds $31.45