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Rinehart Racing Performance Module for '08-12 FL Touring Models

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Rinehart Racing Performance Module for '08-12 FL Touring Models

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The Rinehart Performance Module or "RPM" is Rinehart Racing's new private label fuel tuning device.

The device is plugged in line between the ECU and the motorcycles main wiring harness

The RPM is tunable, this allows for the RPM's fuel tables to be fully customized by a trained Dyno technician

The RPM comes with software and a USB cable, which will allow the user/mechanic to see and make changes with 10 available data slots to hold various fuel maps

The maps preloaded into the device and are listed and described on the last page of the installation guide

The user has the ability to make map changes and minor fuel adjustments from the device's face as well

These features make installation very simple, even for the most inexperienced installer

All that is required during installation is plugging the RPM into the stock ECU, or inline of the fuel injectors (depending on model of motorcycle) and tuning the map dial to the corresponding map position that matches their setup.

That's it! They are ready to ride!

Note: The RPM will also accept any Power Commander Map. The user can download maps directly from Dynojet's website or upload saved customized maps and send them to the RPM