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National Cycle Wing Deflectors for GL1800 '01-10 GL1800AB '06-10 -Light Tint, Fairing Mount (4-piece Set)

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National Cycle Wing Deflectors for GL1800 '01-10 GL1800AB '06-10 -Light Tint Fairing Mount 4-piece Set

Wing Deflectors™ for GL1800
National Cycle’s new Quantum™ hardcoated polycarbonate Wing
Deflectors™ have outstanding impact strength and scratch resistance!
We made them tough – because No One Likes a Broken Wing!
National Cycle Wing Deflectors are warranted not to break in a tip-over.
These will be the last set of wings you’ll ever need to buy!

Exclusive swivel ratchets give the rider easy, independent adjustment
of each wing by simply grasping them and rotating to
the desired angle. Put them at the angle you want and they'll stay there – even at 90MPH!

National Cycle Wing Deflectors coupled with a VStream® Windscreen
are the complete wind management solution!