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National Cycle-Paladin QuickSet3 Mounting System for VTX1800C '07-Up Sissy Bar Sold Separately

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effortlessly attach and remove Luggage Rack Mounting System
National Cycle-Paladin QuickSet3 Mounting System
for VTX1800C '07-Up

The Only Luggage Rack System With 30 Second Removal

- Convenience really is key with this 'Easy On-Easy Off' patented key locking design

- Developed exclusively for Honda cruisers, the Paladin QuickSet3 with QuickSet3 mounting system allows you to effortlessly attach and remove your luggage rack and/or sissy bar

The Secret Is In The Mounting System

The Paladin Luggage Rack would be just a luggage rack and the Sissy Bar would be just a sissy bar without the QuickSet3 Mounting System--
With high strength chromed steel and a stainless steel locking mechanism, the QuickSet3 allows you to remove your Paladin luggage rack and/or backrest in approx. 30 seconds

Note: Required when using the Paladin Backrest [Part Number 55-7750] or the Paladin Luggage Rack [Part Number 55-7751]