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Helibars Offset Risers for '20-Up Harley Davidson Pan America


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Helibars Offset Risers for '20-Up Harley Davidson Pan America

Helibars Offset Risers for '20-Up Harley Davidson Pan America

At HeliBars® the focus for over 30 years has been helping motorcycle riders find their elusive comfort zone for all day riding no matter what style of bike they have. So when you are done for the day, you can stop because you want to, not because you hurt - this is what HeliBars® offers you, comfort without compromise! 
HeliBars® Tour Performance® Handlebar offset riser for the Pan America `20-Up, is designed to provide dramatically improved comfort, both sitting and standing. Retains factory hydraulic lines, cables and wire looms. Everything HeliBars® makes is made with American made materials, from the high-grade 6061 Aluminum Billets to the Powder Coating used. 
HeliBars® RAM Mount rubber ball is removable, has a proprietary large thread for durability and is easy to remove. HeliBars® risers are constructed as one-piece, so that it creates a crossbar between the stock risers allowing for more stability. Risers come with all the hardware needed for installation. The design allows riser to be installed without a tear down on the handlebar assembly.
  • 2" taller
  • 2" closer to rider
  • Reduces handlebar/riser flex
  • Made in the USA