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Easy Brackets Saddlebag Supports for '13 and Later C90 Boulevard

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Easy Brackets Saddlebag Supports for '13 and Later C90 Boulevard
Boulevard C90/Intruder 1500: The docking posts attach to the two mounting holes in the fender rail.

STEP 1 The kit comes with (4) stainless steel docking points which you mount to your motorcycle's fender rail. They replace your existing mounting bolts so no drilling is required.
STEP 2 The larger brackets included in the kit are then mounted (and remain attached) to the back of your saddlebags with the hardware provided. (Easy Brackets work with any flat back reinforced saddlebag)
STEP 3 To attach the bags to your bike, you simply slide the brackets onto the docking posts and lock them into place.

CLICK HERE to Watch The Installation Video!
1. The larger brackets remain attached to your saddlebags— This means your bike keeps a clean look even when the bags are off. All you’ll see is two docking posts…No bulky hardware or brackets!

2. Easy Brackets allow you to mount your saddlebags without damaging the paint on the rear fender (which can often happen with throw-over style mounts)

3. Each kit is specifically designed for your model motorcycle— Forget the hassles from 'Universal' or 'Adjustable' kits that offer a less than an ideal fit (Just one of the advantages Easy Brackets has over its competitor Ghost Brackets Check out the Full Comparison -->)

4. Easy Brackets sit your bags close to your bike— Compared to other systems, Easy Brackets feature a smaller, 5° incline angle that makes the bags sit more flush to your bike for a better, clean look

5. The brackets themselves feature retractable tabs over the key inserts that help keep out road grime out for long-term functionality

6. Easy Brackets are fully welded and constructed of 11 and 12 gauge steel that's black powder coated for strength and durability

Convert Your Saddlebags Into an Easy-To-Carry Piece of Luggage...
Transform your saddlebags from individual bags to a one-piece easy-to-carry piece of luggage with the Easy Brackets Easy-Tote. It's a single strap with special docking posts that connects you saddlebags together for easy carrying. Perfect for touring and overnight trips!

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