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Avon Tires 3D Ultra Sport Radials FRONT 130/70R16 BLK (55W) -Each

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Avon Tires 3D Ultra Sport Radials FRONT  130/70R16  BLK  (55W) -Each

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Outstanding handling characteristics

Large footprint at extreme lean angles

High performance single and mutli-compound Super Rich Silica (SRS) treads enhance wet grip

3D siping with interlocking three-dimensional points to improve stability and grip, limit tread flex, and allow the tire to warm up quickly

New design wind-on belt material used in rear tire increases the footprint size at all lean angles to improve grip

Triple Extrusion (TE) tread compounds - durable rubber material in the tire center to aid mileage, and softer compounds on the tire shoulder to aid grip; a third compound underneath binds all compounds to the tire to stay cooler and increase tire longevity

Ideal for use on high-performance motorcycles; good balance of mileage versus grip

(W)-rated for speeds of 168+ mph